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Cleanup day, May 18th from 8 to 4, we're gonna combine efforts with 2 other clubs. Here's the details.
Keep May 18th Open for Adobes Clean-Up Day

Mike LeMaster has been working with the BLM and county commissioner Don Suppes to tentatively organize a one day clean-up of the adobes near Trap Club Road and Fairview Road on May 18 from 8:00 to 4:00. As many of you know, these areas unfortunately attract a lot of illegal dumping of furniture, tires, building material, old appliances, etc. Delta County will wave all dump fees and the BLM has agreed to provide and set up 4 - 20 yard dumpsters to be delivered and set by Double J Disposal the 17th of May. BLM will take the e trash to a Montrose facility and pay to have it disposed of. They will also provide 200 or more trash bags. TMW will furnish our backhoe/loader and 3 of our atv dump trailers as well as several able bodied members. Uncompahgre Valley Trail Riders and Westcore have also offered to help. Don Suppes and Mike Marinkovich (from the BLM) will address this project at our April 29th club meeting. More details will follow in e-mail blasts so please pencil in that day to help clean-up our community and watch for more information.

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